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fashionFashion in Nigeria

Nigeria is full of amazing people that thrive in all parts of culture. One of their amazing sectors that sees a lot of interest in its youth is the fashion industry. Fashion is very highly regarded in Nigeria, which is why there are many fashion houses, models, and photographers in the entire country. One of the busiest and the most happening cities in terms of fashion is Lagos.

There are many different fashion shows and dress launches that take place each year. It is the perfect city that offers many opportunities to anyone with talent to truly showcase their creativity. With a city so happening, one of the major reasons as to why the fashion industry is booking is due to its ethnic roots. 

Different tribes inspired fashion in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country that has a rich history. For hundreds of years, there have lived many civilizations. Each with their own sense of fashion. There are also many tribes that have survived through time and are now one of the major influencers of Nigerian fashion. As you read on, you will find the three main groups that influence a lot of Nigerian fashion. 



A tribe that is nomadic in its roots, the Hausa tribe has a lot of influence on fashion in Nigeria. It is also one of the largest ethnic groups in central Africa, making it naturally popular amongst the locals. The Hausa tribe consists of fashion that is layered with stripes that are often bright in color. The tribe also displayed clothing that was often loose with many different fabrics. Many of those fabrics were often lined with African patterns that varied in color and size. 



Hailing from the area of southwest Nigeria, there are many reasons as to why the tribe is famous. The most famous reason is that it is the home to a special cloth. Known as the Aso Oke, it is a handwoven cloth that is used on many special occasions of the tribe. The tribe has a rich history of weaving cloth by hand back in the 15th century. The cloth is made of cotton threads that are picked and then woven by the people of the tribe themselves. The weaving and the cloth does not belong to any single time. It is an acquired taste and has a major influence on the fashion industry of Nigeria. Many designers take inspiration from the interlacing colors and patterns and incorporate them into their own clothing. 



Igbo culture and the people that follow their traditions have been in the area for a very long time. It is fascinating, which is why they have such a major influence on fashion in Nigeria. Fashion did see a major change in the 20th century. However, both the modern and traditional Igbo people are equally invested in their fashion and contribute a lot to the Nigerian Fashion taste and style.

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