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Delta Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa has said that Nigeria has to spend more money on its educational sector. He has further added that Nigeria needs to generate more revenue so that it can fund its educational sector.

‘’As a nation, we need to invest more money in education as we need to improve our educational infrastructure,’’ said Okowa.

He further added that due to a lack of educational funds, the availability of the internet is not possible in every university in the county. The major problem is that the economy of the country is not doing well.

Okowa has made these statements in an interview at the University of Delta (UNIDEL). He has said that both the national and state budgets aren’t enough to contribute toward education.

Okowa highlighted that salaries take up most of the funds dedicated to education. The remaining amount is very little to spend on education for it to contribute to the education sector. Okowa says that he has seen the federal budget. He has said that this has worried him as it is the borrowed money that makes up most of the federal budget. This is a big problem for the country. As most of the money should go to education but it is going into salaries.

According to Okowa, most of the money should be spent on education. The Educational Sector should have more money contributed to it. He says that the education sector requires a lot of attention. According to him, all sectors are important. However, some sectors like education are more important than others.

“I think it requires a lot of work and a lot of prioritization to actually deal with the sectors that are most important. All sectors are important, but some sectors are definitely more important than others.”

“So, it requires a genuine analysis of what we are doing at the moment and then having a rethink to be able to take us to where we ought to be.” he further added.

The University campus had some work going on. Okowa said that he was expecting that the work should have been finished by now.

“But it is still my hope that work can progress a little faster so that l can bring this to an end. What we see here are the various facilities that would be required to enable a full take-off of the faculties.”

Sharing the recent development of the classroom, he shared that ‘’some of the classrooms are ready, but there is still work to be done, and I’m being told that in the next two weeks, they will complete the issues concerning the classrooms.”

“But we can see the various other projects (the library, workshop, and other things) that are nearing completion, and we hope that very soon, they will be able to complete them.”

He remarked, “Looking at my back, we have some of the engineering equipment already supplied and we are hoping that we will be able to install them by the time the workshops and studios are completed.”


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