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nigerian foodsThe love of food

Regardless of the land you visit or the holiday you plan, food is one of those things that you always look forward to. The taste of food, the ingredients that are used all indicate a lot more than just a meal. They provide with the background of a nation and the tradition. While at the same time it also shows the preferences of the local people. Food has no language, and eating the food of any place is the best way to connect, especially when you are looking to get the complete experience.

Five famous dishes in Nigeria

Nigeria is filled with traditional dishes that are extremely popular. As you read on, you will find five such dishes that are delicious. The only way you can truly say that you have seen Nigeria is if you have tasted all five of these dishes.

Egusi Soup

A dish that no celebration is complete without is known in Nigeria as Egusi Soup. The tasty dish is prepared with melon seeds, meat, and stockfish, amongst many other ingredients. It is a great Nigerian delicacy and has a soft and fluffy texture, and is loved by all.

Abacha and Ugba

Hailing from the eastern side of Nigeria belongs a dish known as Abacha and Ugba. This translates roughly to Cassava flakes and oil bean seeds. The dish is eaten commonly amongst the Igbo people and is a delicacy that is also known as an African Salad. In many variations, it is served with deep-fried fish and sometimes even cowskin or Ponmo.


The Enugu state is famous for a delicacy known as Okpa. The delicacy is made from pumpkin and other ingredients such as oil and crayfish. It is absolutely loved for being great in taste while at the same time providing nutrition. It is the perfect dish that is created with Bambara nuts. You can be sure to find this dish very easily and with the locals being so friendly. You can ask them where to find Okpa easily.

Amala Ewedu

One thing is for sure, Nigerian people absolutely love their soup. The Yoruba people hail from Western Nigeria and love their Ewedue or Soup. The extremely flavorful Ewedu is made from the Jute plant. It is often served with amala which is mostly a form of dried and blended yams. The soups also have a tomato and pepper-based sauce that overall brings the entire dish together.

Ewa Agoyin

Originating from the Benin Republic, it is a dish that is extremely popular, and there are major chances that you will find yourself trying it at least once on your travels. Ewa Agoyin is the combination of pepper sauce combined with mashed beans. People seem to enjoy the sauce a lot due to the enhanced flavor of many different spices. The locals guarantee that once you try it, the flavors will definitely have you asking for more.

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