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The importance of changing vision

Education is one of the most important aspects of a developing child’s life. It is necessary that when it comes to nurturing a child in the right manner, a teacher is able to go the extra mile. Nigeria is one of those countries that is still fighting for basic resources like access to the internet. With limited resources and the online hybrid classroom, educators in Nigeria started thinking outside the box. They realized that it was innovation and seeing things from a broader perspective that was essential.

Implementing additions to the syllabus

In research, one of the major problems that come across Nigerian teachers is the outdated syllabus they have to use. There have been many developments in the last decade. This has increased the need for a syllabus that is capable of providing the education needed for the youth of today.

After interviewing many teachers in Nigeria, it was clear that the need for an updated syllabus is essential. However, creating a curriculum that will be implemented nationwide is not easy and is time-consuming. For this, many teachers are empowering themselves by adding additional elements to their lessons. They believe that by doing so, the students will be ready and equipped to tackle the changes in the world.

Innovated teaching methodology

When it comes to teaching in Nigeria, it can be seen that the teachers still follow a very traditional method. There is no record or data of students and their performances. While at the same the concept of homework is widely popular. This leaves the child to fend for themselves while at the same time teachers have no idea about the strength and weaknesses of students.

However, with the rapid change in the perception of educators, data is now being maintained and stored. This has provided many students with additional help as the teacher can now assess which areas of a child’s curriculum to focus on. This is not only beneficial for teachers of different subjects, but the data can also be passed on to the next teacher. Strategizing and implementing new methods to teach is now much easier.

At the same time, rather than focusing on individual studies and homework, teachers are now focusing on group studies. This is very beneficial as it allows the child to develop social skills while acquiring education. Due to the advancement in teaching methodology and the yearning for innovation by Nigerian teachers, the students now have a much more effective learning environment. This allows them to perform well in their years as a student while at the same time preparing them to face the world.

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