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Efforts To Stop Brain Drain In The Health Sector

The current situation clearly depicts the crucial need to fund the health sector to get a proper hold on the brain drain in the country.

The NARD (The National Association of Resident Doctors) has presented to Femi Gbajabiamila (Speaker of the House Representatives) a long list of vital demands to halt the brain drain in the health sector of the entire nation.

During a call, the speaker with the association this Thursday immensely emphasized the significance of adequate funding for the sector. The speaker also emphasized that efforts should be made to expand the budgetary allocation to the respective sector.

Emeka Orji, Chairman of NARD, provided the list, stating the need for proper funding of the residency training, along with restoration of the Overseas Exchange Programme. The vitality of bringing improvement in the Medical Registration Act and the need to perform a detailed review of the salary structure of the resident doctors, including others, was also discussed.

Mr. Gbajabiaila responded to the requests of the doctors. He also said that the present situation is such that more than 2000 resident doctors have left the country. 

And recently, in the last eight months, almost 800 have left. These numbers make up the average of around a hundred medical doctors that have already left the country. And that too in a month. With such a great number of doctors leaving the country so rapidly, it is a condition that is hard to accept.

He also said that it is clearly high time for the government to bring their attention to this serious matter. And start taking steps that would result in some valuable outcomes. Otherwise, it sets a negative example for everyone.

According to him, the figure is undoubtedly extremely scary and does not leave an encouraging effect on a country that has around 200 million people. A place where the most important staff, i.e., the medical team, is moving out so quickly. 

It is, without a doubt, a matter of grave concern because most people are young doctors and resident doctors. One of the leading causes is the primary issue of salary and emoluments. And that are undoubtedly two very serious concerns. It is extremely important to pay doctors good salaries.

Moreover, getting paid is a primary need for anyone who is in the working class. He also talked anyone who works. He believes that it is their right to get paid and that too in terms of a good salary. People work because they have to take care of their families while improving their situations. It is important to keep the revenues of the country in mind too.

Mr. Gbajabiamila appreciated those who had not yet left or didn’t make the decision to leave. He told them to be a bit more patient and that something good would surely come very soon. 

Although no promises were made, the speaker said that every step would be taken to improve the present situation since areas such as health and education are the foundations of a nation.

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