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The pandemic has hit a lot of countries economically. Many countries have faced losses across various industries. One Such Industry is the Aviation Industry. Corona has negatively impacted the African airline industry. Due to corona, many of the African countries’ airlines were affected economically. There were travel restrictions in place, and many countries even closed their airspaces. Only the vaccinated people were allowed to travel. Due to this, many airlines received a lesser number of passengers. This meant that many airlines suffered huge amounts of losses due to the pandemic.

African Airlines suffered heavy losses. A report by African Airline Association (Afraa) said that due to the travel restrictions, the airline faced $ 8.6 billion losses in 2021. This was less than the $10.2 billion loss faced by the airline in 2020. There was also a further chance of losing $4.9 billion in 2022 as well. the airlines showed recovery. As the losses were gradually decreasing.

The Report Said, “Across Africa in general, passenger traffic volumes remain depressed due to the unilateral and uncoordinated travel health restrictions imposed by some governments following the outbreak of the O-micron variant of COVID-19.

It further stated,” Airline revenues have remained low with many operators battling with cash-flow issues. Full-year revenue loss for 2021 is estimated at $8.6 billion, equivalent to 49.8 percent of the 2019 revenues.

Kenyan Airlines also faced a significant amount of losses. Kenyan airlines lost about $ 130.5 million in 2021. At the same time, it lost about $ 313.2 million in 2020. There was a decrease in the losses as Kenyan airlines had implemented various techniques to minimize their loss.

The company board Chairman Michael Joseph said, “2021 was challenging for the aviation industry. Just when travel restrictions were easing up, and recovery was looking good, the Omicron Variant disrupted growth upward. We continued with our efforts to improve our flexibility and service offering to customers. The restructuring and transformation initiatives made during the year 2020 lockdown contributed immensely to the recovery during the second half of the financial year 2021.”

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and African Airline Association (Afraa) reported that many airlines are recovering from their losses now. Their efficiency has increased from sixty-nine percent in February to seventy percent in march. The Revenue Passenger kilometer was at sixty-nine percent this February. This was a good development. As IATA’s Director-General Willie Walsh has said that the improvement has occurred as new routes have been opened. As many countries have uplifted the travel restrictions. He has said that this is because of the tourism industry which has been restored after the end of the pandemic. As by the end of the pandemic, the traveling conditions had become favorable for many tourists.

He said, “the recovery in air travel is gathering steam as governments in many parts of the world lift travel restrictions. States that persist in attempting to lock out the disease, rather than managing it, as we do with other diseases, risk missing out on the enormous economic and societal benefits that restoration of international connectivity will bring.

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