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The senator representing Lagos West, Solomon Olamilekan Adeola, started crying when he was presented with the nomination form. This allowed him to contest elections for the senatorial seat of Ogun State. He also changed his membership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from Lagos to Ogun State. The reason for him being teary-eyed was because his decision was met with a lot of resistance from the people. Many people said that he didn’t belong to Ogun State, which was very untrue.


On this occasion, Adeola said, “I thank God Almighty for a day like this; I am short of words. Today, I am more than happy, and I am more than grateful to God that my people have taken this bold step and think that the best thing to do is to buy my nomination forms for the Senate of Ogun West. It is more than enough for me.”


He said, “I vividly remember when I decided to return home, it was tough. I asked myself what I was about to do, is it the right thing or the wrong thing? Initially, when I saw the heavy resistance that was given to me across the length and breadth of my land. I was afraid. They said I am not a Yewa man. All sorts of lies, all sorts of confusion everywhere.”


He further added, “Even the then Governor sponsored my people against me; they told me that I am from Ekiti, that I am not from Yewa, and they did that rigorously, campaigned with it, said all sorts of things about it. My people did not believe me. I had to go to another Senatorial district, that is why you hear that Yayi is popular in other senatorial districts then because they believed in me that I was from Yewa, but today my people have accepted the fact that I am from Yewa. I am now more popular in Yewa, Ogun West than any other state.”


The APC leaders of Yewa presented him with this nomination form at his own house. Chief Mufutau Ajibola, who presented him with the forms, said that many people contributed money so that they could buy these forms. These people consisted of Businessmen, civil servants, leaders, and some people belonging to the Ogun State. About seventy-one people paid the money for the forms according to Ajibola. The smallest donor paid about 50k. At the same time, the largest donor spent about 3 million.


Ajibola said, “A total of 71 people across the length and breadth of Ogun West, most of them here present cutting across public servants, professionals in the private sector, businessmen, community leaders and Ogun West indigenes in diaspora voluntarily donated to fund the procurement of the forms raising the needed amount under 48 hours between 3 pm on Monday 18th and Wednesday 20th, 2022.”


He further added, “Just as we had young people in their 30s contributing, we also had elders in the 80s putting their hard-earned money into this project. This is an unprecedented feat signifying a new trajectory of collectivity and brotherhood in Ogun West Senatorial district.”

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