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don jazzyOn Wednesday, Don Jazzy quipped that he would be ‘coming out of the closet.’

Don Jazzy, the owner of Mavin Records and a famous music entrepreneur, has responded to claims that he is homosexual. The 39-year-old revealed this in an Instagram post in response to a blogger’s accusation that he was gay.

According to blog reports, certain celebrities are homosexual, and that they should come out openly and quit fooling young ladies.

According to the study, Don Jazzy is one of the celebrities that practise homosexuality but keep their sexual orientation hidden from the public eye.

‘gistloversblog11,’ a controversial Instagram blogger, called out the music producer for being gay, noting the habit of gays having a woman as a public coverup.

The controversial post alleging that Don Jazzy is a gay read:

“Hello Tueh Tueh, ladies open your eyes o, this is the popular trend in the industry now, gay are not getting married to opposite sex thereby subjecting their spouse to emotional tørture, alot of your favorites are sitting pretty on this table, even one just welcomed a baby recently in the us, his hostility towards the wife is on another level, according to him, na my papa say make I go marry so i don marry to please am, una favorite instagram influencer dey on this table, your favorite comedian wey dey call himself aunty e.g that one all him client for this y@nsh knacking business na abuja dem dey, ladies be at alert, if you must be a gay or whatever, come out of the closet already, stop punishing our girls.”

Do your GAY in peace and stop deceiving our girls, come out of the closet, if we start to do roll call yeah Instagram fit catch fire now now, Don Baba J oga oga, i Dey hail oÀÄÅÅÅ i come in peace, igi ewedu oni woluwa ooooo.”

Reacting to the rumours on his Instagram page, Don Jazzy promised to come out following the accusation.

On his Instagram page, he wrote: “So I hear I’m gay all the time anyways click link in my bio to subscribe because I’m going to be coming out there.”

Reacting in the comment section of the post, a user, Veronica, said, “I actually think you are g*y. I see it all the time. Most people may not see it, but I feel it. I see it in the way you talk, walk and laugh! “G*y as g*y van get. No need to hide, no need to be ashamed. You are the happiest person I Know always laughing and smiling or is it not what G*y means? That is what it means until we coopted the word to mean something else. Accept it.”

Actor Deyemi Okanlawon also responded he said, “Sometimes the best answer to foolishness is not silence, it’s a heavy dose of laughter.”

Don Jazzy is a singer, songwriter, Nigerian record producer, and entrepreneur. Micheal Collins Ajereh is his real name, but he got the moniker Don Jazzy in a secondary school which suits him well because he is a big boy for life! He co-founded the non-extant Mo’Hits Records in 2004 with D’banj and founded Mavin Records on the 8th of May, 2012, when Mo’Hits closed shop for reasons best known to him and D’banj.

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