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There was a warning issued by Nigeria’s intelligence service. This warning was ignored, and as a result, there was an attack on Kuje Custodial Centre. The main motivation behind this attack was to free the jailed criminals.

Someone from the prison told the premium times that state security had already warned the jail authorities that there would be an attack on the prison. However, they couldn’t recall the severity of the attack, and thus they were unable to prevent these attacks from happening.

The prison source notified the PREMIUM TIMES that the“ Kuje prison is under the massive bomb, armed attack.”

The source told this when the attack was already underway.

The sources later said that the attackers detonated three bombs and forcefully took the four entry and exit points under their control.

The prison is said to be 47 kilometres away from Aso Rock Presidential Villa and 24 kilometres away from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. The prison is right outside the Abuja city centre.

The prison is holding very high-profile criminals. This includes the Boko haram terrorists. The prison also holds public officers who are already convicted or awaiting their trial.

The prison sources are saying that they are trying to find the link between the attackers and the inmates. A source has said “Three weeks ago, several high profile terrorists were relocated to Kuje prison.”

The jail has a capacity of about 550 people. However, there are about 1000 people who are imprisoned in jail.

At the attack sites, there were reinforcements from the army, police, and SSS. They were there to look forward to the issue.

176 Special Forces of Guards Brigade battalion were deployed by the army. Just to stay on the safe side. In case there was another attack.

It is relatively unknown how much the attack has affected the jail premises. However, the main motivation behind the attack was to free the dangerous criminals.

There also have been other attacks on the prisons. This has led to the freeing of very dangerous inmates.

The communities that are based on the outskirts of the city are very prone to such attacks. These attacks include abductions, crimes which are carried out by terrorists and bandits. Thus their lives have increasingly become more difficult to live.

The neighbouring state like Niger faces a lot of terrorist attacks from the hands of Boko haram, whereas there are other forces that are active in the neighbouring state of Kogi who are behind the attacks in Kogi state.

On the 28th of march, there was an attack on the train that was leaving Abuja. The train was attacked at Katari by a terrorist. The attack was carried out by a group that has an alliance with Boko Haram. They attacked and bombed the train. Many people were also abducted. As a result, 8 people died, and 60 people were abducted. They are still keeping 50 members in captivity and wanted the government to exchange those 50 people for the jailed members.


As you can see that the law and order situation in Nigeria has been very bad due to the terrorist attacks happening there. In order to solve these issues, the government has to take practical steps to make sure that the citizens of Nigeria are safe.



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