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Famous Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, claimed to have millions of naira in less than an hour and uploaded a video. This news got all the attention of people. Upon which everyone thought that he must be lying or spreading fake news around the internet.

Though he asked for N1 million, he got a cash transfer worth N53 million when asked by his colleagues. This is one of the surprising things for his fans and followers as well. Many people want to know how this happens. The Nigerian singer said, “We have been lifting each other for the past 100 years. I want to know who my friend is. All of my friends one one million nairas. We are 30 BG., so if you don’t send your own, you are out.

Davido heard the various confusing statements and cleared up the situation to be in the limelight. After this, the whole media and entertainment industry got their eyes on such big breaking news. The different discussion was ongoing to reach the authenticity of the topic.

Social Proof Confirms Everything:

A considerable number of fans considered this as a false statement. It made David plan and think about something. A last coming up with the proper evidence was the only solution left. He uploaded the pictures confidently and won uncountable hearts for confronting his followers.

Later, David shared a few of the screenshots and videos as well. It confirms the news related to the received money. Now those who think of this as a joke have believed in it after watching his social media proofs. A courageous step took all the concentration of the readers. The rumors and his fan following made him take this action to clear up the air. Social proof speaks louder than the misconceptions of the audience. He did this to explain everything accurately.

Who Helped Davido:

The list is enormous. Not only his friend but different professionals in Oyo state reached to contribute. Some recognized entertainers Like Teni and Mr. Eazy came forward for this cause. Also, Adekunle Gold, Chike, Ikorodu Bois, Perruzi took this seriously and played their role sincerely.

Akin Alabi, a member of the house of representatives. This is how David receives N53 million with the help of people belonging to the music industry and those who do not. A socialite and business person, Emeka Okonkwo, participated in the money transferring process too. Altogether with the sector was responsive enough.

Why People Credited the Money:

David called out everyone to help him. The singer shared the picture of his bank account number for people to send money. He also added that he has been taking the initiative when anyone asks for financial aid. Now it is time to reciprocate his efforts. This is one of the prominent reasons that his account reached N33 million Naira within a few hours. After some time, he again shared a story of coming this far. The response from people overwhelmed him a lot.

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