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COVID-19 Vaccinations in Nigeria

The past couple of years have been nothing but hardship for all agencies and governments around the globe. The combined efforts of various organizations in Nigeria have enabled the entire country to begin its vaccination procedures at a rapid pace. There are many different agencies working with the goal of vaccinating everyone by the end of December. The Federal Government has created strict regulations and dedicated a lot of resources to make sure that there are no barriers to making Nigeria a COVID free country. Currently, Federal Government has created a direct deadline for all civil servants to get vaccinated before the 1st of December.

covid 19 nigeria

Nigeria in post COVID era

Nigeria is in a similar state to the rest of the world’s developing countries. In the time where nearly every citizen has been vaccinated in the western world. Many developing countries are still struggling to vaccinate government and army officials along with civil and military servants. There are many challenges that create a delay in not only availing the doses for effective distribution but in the methods of distribution and vaccinating itself. The Federal Government, along with many agencies that are capable of assisting in any way possible, are ensuring that they are able to effectively carry out the vaccination procedure.

On the occasion of the Terminal Parade ceremony consisting of around 1198 corps members, the Director-General of NYSC or National Youth Service Corps made sure that he stressed the importance of vaccination before the date issued by the Federal Government.

Guidance for Civil Servants

The president had created a special steering committee on COVID-19 through which it was made clear that all civil servants much follow the deadline for submission. It was also made clear that vaccination cards will be checked in all government offices.

During his address to all Corps Members, the Director-General of National Youth Service Corps, Shuaibu Ibrahim, also appreciated different organizations and stakeholders for their contribution to their success.

For all Civil servants working in different governmental institutions, it is advised that they be vaccinated as soon as possible. The country and its Government is trying really hard to make sure that they are able to provide an efficient and quick end to the Covid-19. It is high time that things go back to the way they were, and that is possible through vaccination. The more government officials and workers get vaccinated, the more the public will believe it is the right act. It is a great action.

News related to COVID-19 from around the globe

The coronavirus pandemic was without a doubt one of the worst times we have seen as a planet. Many governments increased and adapted to various different standard operating procedures. Luckily the virus is now behind us, with the vaccine being available to all countries and their people. Governments all over the world are trying their best to vaccinate as many as possible. The only way to completely make sure that the entire planet is safe from COVID is through complete vaccination.

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