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At present, Nigeria is facing multiple issues when it comes to digitalization, from high mobile phones rates to usability of newly launched eNaira. In addition, the President motivates citizens to equip themselves with the latest technical knowledge to uplift the country’s economy.

Unstable Network Coverage:

Although people of Nigeria cannot avail of smartphone facilities, the other most prominent problem is the lack of awareness about eNaira. This is collectively arising many complications for the citizens.

Slow and poor networks cause trouble for people. Also, they are facing issues in operating 2G,3G, and 4G devices as millions of Nigerian people are unable to access the internet and can’t afford it, which is a major cause of facing digital education.

In Nigeria, fast internet facilities are still inaccessible for many people. People are dependent on 2G and 3G, while huge investments are being involved in making 4G better. However, by January 2022, there is a hope of 5G, which will help the citizens a lot.

Promote Affordable Smartphone Devices:

In the majority of countries like Kenya, South Africa, and including Nigeria, citizens are spending half of their monthly income on buying smartphones. Despite this, still, a number of people are there who are unable to afford it.

Therefore, Alliance for affordable internet is trying to sort things out and also working to bring down the cost of smartphones. They believe that it is a primary source of social connectivity, which is true.

Strengthen and Boost the Economy:

The boost in the digital economy will be easy to achieve by focusing on controlling inflation and cost. Also, different business experts suggest that taking the initiative to strengthen the export and analyzing the frequent changes in the naira will help the economy.

The government requires more investment to educate and provide the masses with modern equipment. Furthermore, the need to establish digital listing opportunities will allow them to know more about eNaira as well.

Digital Literacy is Important:

To reduce the illiteracy gap, some improvement should be the priority. This includes a need for up-gradation in technological development will be the best decision. It is for the betterment of the Nigerian people and their economic structure.

However, according to the current report, educating people in general and regarding eNaira in Nigeria will be improved by providing sufficient productive resources. This will make it easy to learn and explore financial growth options effectively.


After understanding and addressing the issues, there are greater chances of economic success. Overcoming the network and other digital hurdles will be a way out for economic development.

Also, this will allow Nigerian people to participate in the improvement of economic growth. Therefore within no time, financial stress will be managed.

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  • Olu says:

    The key to redistribute global wealth and economic equality lies in equity in digital access, particularly in the developing world.

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