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The Centre for Management Development (CMD) has highlighted the importance of sustainable entrepreneurial success to promote high standards of management education and entrepreneurial development. During a recent business event, Bitrus Chinoko, Director General of CMD, emphasized that for business development in Nigeria, management and entrepreneurship should be given more importance.

According to Chinoko, the arrangements and training programs will open positive ways for establishing the business. It can help people to understand the business structures and boost the improvement of small startups.

He further mentions that entrepreneurial development takes the economy to rule out the poor tradition and business methods. However, accessible learning opportunities allow Nigerian people to fully use the opportunity. It will collectively give proper knowledge to the small and big businesses. Undoubtedly, such programs are the ticket to the successful start of financial strategies.

How Training Programs are Helpful:

The Director of economic management development said that the people of Nigeria want to grow their businesses. It is only possible when given proper guidance and training. Therefore Nigerian entrepreneurs should develop coping mechanisms concepts related to unemployment complications. As CMD communicates this, development skills, business concepts, and practical circumstances need proper programs.

Below are some of the advantages of introducing training programs:

  • It steers away confusion.
  • Make people more professional.
  • Serve as the business module.
  • It helps to gain more knowledge.
  • Motivate to invest in the business.

The economic growth of Nigeria will reach the optimum level if the implementation of startups is rightly done. This process will boost the economy. Also, different challenges can be met by participating in entrepreneurial activities.

Need For Understanding Nigerian Business Structure:

Here are some of the ways which will help create more awareness of entrepreneurship programs as per the Director-General:

The ceremonies which improve understanding should be organized more. This will be the best way to increase awareness in Nigerian business—especially those who want to explore the techniques.

To become a successful entrepreneur, CMD emphasizes the importance of taking part in ongoing business development. In addition, experienced trainers are mandatory to teach skills among the citizens of Nigeria. It is one of the essential parts to address the economic issues. Once the entrepreneurial information starts giving benefits to the people, then there’s no coming back from that.

Director further added how the business development will make the citizens more self-sufficient and what will be the positive impacts of it on the society. As the country has strong businesses, it will contribute to economic conditions.

A Way of Boost Confidence:

When there are enough training and learning options, the growth chances are higher. Also, a fair amount of knowledge is necessary to make things work out. Therefore the initiative towards the betterment of the economic conditions will be beneficial in the long run.

The coming years will show that entrepreneurship programs are the reason behind the more recognized changes in the economic condition. Different improvements can double the overall significance. Also, the competition of successful projects will directly boost the Nigerian economy.


No matter whether a small or big enterprise, there is always a need for accurate understanding. Training Nigerian citizens can bring prosperity in terms of business structure and profits. Thus, the business and economic benefits are infinite.

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