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In a tweet which has about 40 thousand likes, Ckay has said his next album will make history. The singer took the news to Twitter to share his excitement with his fans. The singer had said this after he was not nominated for 15th Headies Award. He was unable to get any awards this year. His Songs ‘Love Nwantiti’ and “Emiliana’ didn’t make it into the list of nominees. His name only appeared as a featured artist on Ayra Starr’s “Beggie Beggie” which was selected in the R&B Category. The Singer had tweeted this for his fans as the fans weren’t happy that their Singer wasn’t nominated for any award.

CKay has become one of the top artist from Africa whose songs are streamed all over the world. He has been included in Times Next Generation Leaders list. The list recognizes that these people are making a good impact around the world. Time calls Ckay as one of the most successful African star all over the world. He is very young and this achievement is very remarkable.

Nigerian Star Ckay is famous for his single (music) ‘Love Nwantiti’ which was released in 2019, and was not popular until 2022.  His song had gathered a lot of fame all over the world, and crossed more than one billion streams on Spotify. It has also become the highest streamed African song on that platform. After the fame of ‘Love Nwantiti’,  he came up with another song called “Emiliana’ which received a lot of praise from the worldwide audience. It has also received the gold rating in France. Before achieving fame all over the world, he has been on the Nigerian music scene for quite a while.

Before reaching the heights of fame, Ckay wasn’t considered a very famous singer in Nigeria. His first album ‘Ckay the First’ didn’t receive a lot of fame in Nigeria. However, the critics liked his album. Ckay’s album ‘Boyfriend EP’ was considered to be a good album as well. That album was counted as one of the top albums. In addition, the Album’s song ‘Felony’ got a bit of attention. However, overall the album wasn’t really big.

The song is a hit and has two billion views on TikTok and 500 million views on YouTube. It has also become the top chart hitter in several countries.



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