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Scout report: Villarreal winger Samuel Chukwueze | UEFA Europa League |

There is just something about sports that makes us want to grab the edge of our streets. It may not affect us directly in our day-to-day life, but regardless we are emotionally invested. The strange thing is that we feel this way about all sports. Regardless of the sport, as long as our people are representing us all over the world, they always have our sport. The Nigerian Winger playing for Villarreal is just one example of a sports icon in the country. The entire nation knew when he was injured playing for Villarreal in the Semi-Final of the Europa League against Arsenal. Not only did everybody feel upset, but they were also worried about the future of the Nigerian Football team. Chukwueze is an important asset, and not having him around during the qualifying games would surely be a loss for the Super Eagles.

Chukwueze Returns to the field

The five months of back-to-back physiotherapy combined with countless sessions with the doctor proved to be effective for this young player. At the young age of 22, it is more than a hit to your confidence to be carried off the field. Not only is it dangerous for the career, but it is also dangerous for the morale. But as Chukwueze Samuel said in his Instagram, “It has been God All through.” The young player knew that his months off were a long break, and he had to make sure that he got out there with an absolute bang. It is certain that despite missing 22 games for Villarreal, the young player is back with the intention to give his best on and off the field.

Chukwueze’s Future at Villarreal

There have been a few rumors and speculations about Chukwueze and his possible future at Villarreal. However, you can be sure that for now, he is on the team to stay. With a contract that is valid till the mid of 2023, the Right Winger is not planning to go anywhere anytime soon and has made LA Liga his home abroad. With nearly 100 games to his name for Villarreal, Manager Emery has high hopes for the player as they have games in the season and various leagues throughout the year.

Chukwueze and Nigeria

Apart from being the pride of the nation, Chukwueze is also an amazing asset to the Nigerian National Football team. The young talent has already made more than a dozen appearances for his home team and is more than excited for the FIFA 2022 qualifiers. However, due to his recent groin injury, it will be some time before he will be able to successfully juggle playing for both international and club matches. For now, all we can do is continue to support his growing influence and performance in club football and hope that he has had a successful and healthy recovery. Absolutely sure that this 22-year-old has a very bright career ahead of him. And we will be seeing a lot of him in both international and national formats.

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