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Despite the thunderstorm and heavy rains, a leather fair was organised at BalmoralConvention Centre at Victoria Island in Lagos. It was attended by fashion lovers and fun-seekers. The weather conditions were unable to halt the fair. As it was full of local andinternational community. Most of the products made from leather were exhibited and targetedtowards the leather enthusiast and fashion lovers. With a large variety, each product had adifferent style and was made with keeping the diverse needs of people in mind.The activity on the first day was to target the SMEs. Thus the main purpose behind it was todiscuss the benefits the brand can achieve from SMEs. The panellist came from differentwalks of life. The fair was attended by people belonging to Banks, Insurance andConsultancy firms.There were also discussions being held on the payment gateways. New methods of cross-border payments were discussed. As, this was the main issue faced by the SMEs. New wayswere proposed to solve this issue. Thus the decision was taken to employ digital payments asa solution to this problem. The purpose of this convention was to improve the impact thatthese businesses have on socio-economic growth of the society. Speakers were allowed toshare their ideas regarding ways the businesses can have an impact on the society.The day was well spent. There was music in the halls. Exotic leather made products were onthe display. People from all walks of life attended this event. The visitors were entertained.The food was there which was mouth-watering. People asked many questions and they wereanswered. The hosts were great as well.

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