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Burna Boy has been accused of creating a scene at the nightclub on 7th June in Lagos. According to a police report, Burna was intoxicated when he was involved in an altercation with the fun seekers at the club. Resources confirmed that two people were shot and injured during the fight. He is also accused of using his fame and influence over other fun-seekers in the club.

Burna Boy was accused of hitting on a married woman. He initiated this by sending his friend first. Later, he took the matter into his own hand and approached her directly, which infuriated her husband.

This led to a scuffle between the husband and Burna Boy. For some reason, the police officers thought it would be best to open fire in a crowded place, which resulted in two being injured. The injured were immediately taken to a nearby hospital. It is reported that Burna Boy cheered when the police opened fire at them and later on fled from the scene as well.

However, there was an outrage on social media as many people wanted Burna Boy to get arrested. It was later found that the police officers who opened fire were assigned for his personal protection.

Also, they had filed a fake report at the police station. This matter is being investigated in the report filed by a police station in Victoria Island.

A top source in the Lagos state of the commissioner of police has said, “Aware of what he had done, Burna Boy took the next flight out without even informing the policemen. He only made a video call to them to inform them that he had traveled to Spain. All his police escorts have been arrested and are currently at the Command headquarters.”

The two injured people have been identified as the lady’s husband and his friend. According to the medical reports, the husband was shot in the thigh, and his friend was shot in the head. Also, the club management was accused of doing nothing when the incident occurred. Burna Boy cannot be contacted. However, several attempts were made to contact his manager, who still remains silent about the incident.



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