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The tech market in Nigeria is booming. There are many new startups that are now being launched. The tech industry is mostly dominated by men but recently many women are also becoming a part of Nigeria’s growing tech industry. One Campaign and the Center for Global Development organized a survey to determine the percentage of Nigerian women working in the tech industry. This survey included 93 tech firms. The survey result showed that out of 93 firms, only six had women in top management positions. Results also showed that women-owned about 30 percent of these tech firms. In this article, we will discuss some outstanding women who are contributing to the growth of Nigeria’s tech industry.

Damilola Olokesusi

Damilola launched the Shuttlers app. She was once traveling with her sister when she got robbed. This incident left a bad taste in her mouth. So she thought of making traveling safer for women. This app allows travelers to travel in comfortable vehicles by booking a seat. The travelers have to pay a subscription fee. Moreover, you can also share your ride with the professionals. Shuttlers allow the commute time to be used more productively as the females can register themselves on the online courses. Damilola has done bachelors in chemical engineering from the University of Lagos. Many awards had been given to her.  Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 list had her name included.

Fara Ashiru Jituboh

Fara is the founder of Okra. Okra is a software company that develops new software. This platform gives the user permission to connect bank accounts and data to third-party applications. She has brought a change in Nigeria in the field of digital banking. Fara raised $1 million in the first round and $3.5 million in the second round for Okra. She has also worked for the well-renowned companies before founding Okra. Before Okra, she used to work for JP Morgan, Fidelity Investments and Daimler Mercedes Benz.

 Jessica Anuna

Jessica is the founder of Klasha. An online fashion retailer targeting millennial women. She promotes affordable fashion. Jessica founded Klasha in 2017. She has a degree in Journalism from city university in London. While she was in China, she studied the Chinese language at Jiao Tong University. She also launched Restock China in 2015. Several notable publications like The Telegraph, BBC London News, The Guardian etc mention her name. She is twenty-seven years old, and she has founded about 3 businesses at a very young age.

Victoria Popoola

She has founded TalentX Africa. in the whole of Africa, and this is the only film financing service. This company allows creatives to connect with the investors. TalentX has its office in Lagos.

Eunice Olopade

Eunice is an accountant and lawyer by profession. She has been a practicing lawyer for five years. In the past, she has worked with KPMG, International Finance Corporation and the World Bank. She can speak English and French. Moreover, she is the founder of Side Brief. This venture gives new startups a lot of benefits. The venture minimizes the cost of setting up new business. In addition, this makes it easier and quicker to start a business. The business no longer needs to fill out unnecessary paperwork or pay any hidden fees.


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