Best Tourist Spots In Nigeria

Countries in the African region are undoubtedly full of diversity in culture, rainforests, and mountainous beauty spread across. The regions are an obsession to many tourists and many even stay for over a year. 

Such captivating tropicals, villages and other shapeshifts are a key characteristic when traveling to Nigeria specifically. Nigeria is highly organized on one hand and full of chilly Atlantic seasides on the other. 

One can always find the right spot around the country and spend their spare time in the mesmerizing Gashaka Gumti gorges and Nguru Wetlands. 

While many destinations are hard to reach and families can’t visit for a tour, parks and mountainous terrains in the north are pretty much reachable. In the extreme forest regions, one can find all sorts of species like chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and tiny monkeys. 

Many of the destinations we recommend to you in this article have huge historical significance and mean so much more to the natives. Nigeria’s historical places are not the type where you find old monuments, palaces or shrines, although you may find some. 

They are mostly just regions where old tribes resided or left their remains. Some are graveyards with more fascinating facts than you can find anywhere else. Some of the most popular and breathtaking destinations you can visit as a tourist are right here: 


This region is the capital of the Ogun state and poses a picture of diversity just like the rest of the state. Abeokuta is largely representative of Ogun because of the plentiful supply of savanna wood. 

There are also many other products that contribute to the market while also being the core of beauty in this place. Abeokuta is situated in the north so the journey from states like Lagos and others is long. 

However, you can find sites like the Olumo Rock, Yam fields spread wide, handmade artwork and grand museums. 

Yankari National Park

A national park full of intriguing animals and beauty that matches none other parks in Nigeria: Yankari. We definitely advise you to see this first if your journey is just beginning. The forest is home to the largest number of elephants and around 20,000 visitors mark their presence every year. 

Although given the post-COVID stats, there have been fewer people who visit the park, it only makes things better. With fewer people, the park is even more beautiful and well-maintained. 


From the Egungan dressing culture to historical references one might only have heard of, Ibadan is a city of miracles! There were many ancient tribes and medieval cultures people filled in this region in the past.

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