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What is Astroworld Festival?

The Astroworld Festival is a music festival founded by the singer and rapper Travis Scott. The singer started the festival in 2018 and has since hosted three iterations of the event. Astroworld Festival is held in Houston in the location known as NRG Park. Each year the lineup for the event consists of many big names that attract a lot of people. Ever since 2018, the festival has had three live shows and a virtual show in collaboration with Fortnite.

Overall it can be seen that there are a lot of people that have a great time each year. Initially, the lineup of the event consisted of only four major artists. However, after the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to Covid, it was expected that Scott would return with Astroworld in a bigger and better style.  The event received a lot of responses from 100,00 people as the tickets for the event were sold out within 30 minutes of going live. The fans were eager to see their favorite artists on stage after so long.

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The tragedy at Astro World Festival

The 2021 edition of the Astroworld festival saw a huge response from fans from all over. The festival that was initially designed for a single day had to be expanded to two days due to the amazing response. The entire stage was set, and fans were eager for the day. However, nobody had the slightest idea of the tragedy that was waiting for a few. During the live performance of Travis Scott, the crowd surged forward, giving no room to the people in the front.

The sudden surge forward caused panic in the crowd and the death of eight people. In an interview with the local fire chief Sam Pena, he explained that the people in the front had no space to escape and hence got crushed due to the panic in the crowd. He also explained that due to the increase in panic, there was absolutely nothing that the security personnel of the festival could have done.

Similar tragedies in the past

While nobody has died in the past in the Astroworld Festival, there have been various injuries within the concert. People have been trampled in the second edition of the festival. However, the leg injuries of the three people at that time had no effect on the event, and it continued as planned. Usually, the Astroworld Festival has many security protocols in place to avoid any such incidents.

Response from the organizers

Travis Scott personally took to social media to show his grief on the tragedy and mentioned that he was with the families of the deceased. While at the same time also taking a moment to extend his support and gratitude to the local officials for assisting in all ways.

Ultimately the organizers also informed that the event would be cancelled and would not take place for the second day. The incident taking place on Friday night was truly an eye-opener for everyone.

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