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Six people have already died in a fatal airstrike by an Air force jet in the Kunkuna community. This airstrike happened on Tuesday afternoon. This is considered to be a mistake by the Air force.

Sources have recalled that they were hit by the bombs struck by the fighter jets aiming at the bandits.

AbdulJalal Runka, a lawmaker representing the Safana constituency at the Katsina State house of assembly, has reportedly confirmed that the accident occurred.

However, he has said that fourteen people were injured, and one woman was killed in the accident. He said that the injured people were being treated at the hospital.

He said, “What actually happened is that it was that jet (Air force fighter jet) that released the bomb there, and there were casualties. Fourteen people were affected, and they were quickly taken to the hospital.”

Mr. Runka, on the other hand, stated that eight people were admitted to the Umaru Musa Yar’adu’a University hospital. That is where they are being treated and provided with the best services.

Mr. Runka said, “The woman who died was one of those admitted at the FMC. Six people are in Dustin Ma General Hospital. The eight persons were also taken to Dustin Ma, but because of the critical condition of their wounds, they were referred to the FMC here in Katsina.”

However, another source has reported that all the people who are being treated at General Hospital Dustin Ma have died. There were supposed to be six people in that hospital. The source is said to be anonymous and has refused to be named.

The source said, “I can confirm that the six people who were receiving medical attention in Dustin Ma have all died. One of them died before reaching the hospital. But there are also eight more people in Federal Medical Centre Katsina receiving medical treatment,” he said.”

One source said that the fighter jets were just responding to the call of distress, but it turned out to be another thing.

The source explained, “It’s a usual thing to most of the people in the area seeing fighter jets going into the Rug forest side, but yesterday, it was different because the fighter jet dropped the bomb before reaching the forest side.”

However, Mr. Runka said that the situation in the area is very tense as there are bandits who have been attacking the area for quite a while now. The main purpose of the fighter jets was to locate those bandits. As those bandits were planning to launch an attack.

Mr Runka has already stated that they haven’t received any briefing from the Air Force regarding this matter. Thus they are waiting for them to speak on the matter. The spokesperson for the Air force isn’t responding as well.


As you can see that the air force has mistakenly dropped bombs on the local community. When all they planned to do was to attack the bandits. This was all done by mistakes. However, this is going to cause grievance amongst the people as they are going to face casualties at the hand of people.

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