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For any society to progress, education is extremely important. Nigeria is amongst the countries that are still developing. There are many areas that are unable to provide basic education to many children. At the same time, in those areas where education is offered, the facilities are not up to date with the rest of the world. One of the most common examples was seen during the covid lockdowns. During the time when children could not attend school, it was not easy for all students or schools to provide online teaching facilities due to having a lack of resources.

Luckily along with the government, there are many organizations that are working to improve and transform education. These organizations are both government-funded and non-governmental organizations.

Five organizations that are going all out for education

There are many gaps in the sector when it comes to education in Nigeria. not every child is able to avail of education for various reasons. Whether it be due to lack of unavailability or because there is a lack of awareness. There are organizations that are giving people a chance to educate their children. Out of the many different organizations working in different parts of Nigeria, these five have truly outdone themselves.

Dream Catchers Academy

Suppose you are a girl that belongs to a low-income house, then it is almost impossible to dream about learning arts. Seyi Oluyole has been working since 2014 to provide a safe space to orphaned or underprivileged girls that wish to learn art forms. The choreographer has used dance as the medium to provide a future to these girls, provide them proper facilities and even education. It is the perfect place for the girls that dare dream. Dream Catchers Academy is surely creating a major impact.


Founded by Isaac Oladipupo, the organization is founded with the mission objective of providing education to those in need. Currently, Afrilearn is working with many different organizations to provide digitalization in the Nigerian education sector. This organization works on a continental level and aims to be the bridge between education and Africans.

Slum2School Africa

Otto Orandaam founded Slum2School back in 2012 with the hopes of providing education to the underprivileged. The aim of the organization was to work in collaboration with community leaders, governmental organizations and companies to promote education in rural communities. Slum2School Africa has managed to partner up with organizations like UNICEF, UN and GP for Education. With so much success in creating a major impact, the organization does not plan to stop anytime soon.

Lagos Food Bank Initiative

Originally founded by lawyer Micheal Sinbola with the aim of combating hunger and malnutrition, the organization has now expanded its horizons. Amongst the different projects it has is Education Enhancement Intervention for Food Insecure Students or more commonly referred to as EDUFOOD. The project aims to use food and nutrition as a way to increase health and reduce absents or dropouts in school.

Dolly Children Foundation

The increasing poverty and the lack of jobs in the countries have made parents unable to provide school materials. Rather than send children to schools without the supplies needed, the parents pull their children out of school. Dolly Children Foundation works to provide those in need with school supplies. And also provide financial aid to those that qualify.

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