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What are some things Nigerians can no longer buy because of inflation?

According to trading economics, “Nigeria’s annual inflation rate accelerated for the fourth month to 17.71 % in May of 2022 from 16.82 %. It was the steepest inflation rate since last June, driven by prices of food (19.5 % vs 18.37 % in April) and non-food products (14.9 & vs 14.18 %).”

What this means is that people cannot buy luxuries and are stuck with only necessities.

Here are some things people don’t buy anymore.


Sardines now cost between N500 to N1000. The most popular sardines, Titus are N700. Most people see these as unnecessarily expensive.


One egg is N80 and in some places, a crate goes as much as N4000. Only the rich ones buy eggs.


Those who love to eat foreign brands of cookies have to curb their appetite. People in Nigeria love Maryland cookies, but now they cost as much as N800.


Whether you are buying this already made brand of instant noodles called Indomie or you are cooking it yourself, you would most likely be spending so much.

Jane buys Indomie from Indomie cafe in Lagos, and she says it costs her over N3,000. Nowadays, one pack of the smallest Indomie onion flavour is N120.

Beans and akara

Beans are now outrageously expensive, and they used to be the meal for the poor. One akara is at N50, and it used to be N10. A small bowl of raw beans is now at N500.


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