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Women in Nigeia are growing and working to change the mindset of world for the Nigerian women. Here is the list of 5 Extraordinary Women in Nigeria Challenging the Status Quo.

  1. Lois Auta

A polio survivor and Nigeria’s initially handicapped regulative competitor. Despite experiencing polio at age two – which put her in a wheelchair -, Auta has opposed each obstruction. She’s looked like a lady living with incapacity in Nigeria. She is the organizer of Cedar Seed Foundation, a philanthropic association pushing for the freedoms of individuals with incapacities in Nigeria.

  1. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Okonjo-Iweala is one of many Black ladies who have portrayed the most significant phases of worldwide and public power. The leading lady was designated to lead the World Trade Organization (WTO). She two times filled in as Nigeria’s pastor of money, worked at the World Bank for over 20 years, and served on the leading body of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Okonjo-Iweala became the first lady and the principal African to fill in as the world’s top exchange official -the top of the World Trade Organization (WTO). She got down to business on March 1, following a 9-month determination process.

  1.  Sandra Aguebor

a.k.a. Woman Mechanic, Nigeria’s first female car specialist. With a 32-year vocation, 22 of which she has dealt with her carport (Sandex Car Care Garage), Aguebor is testing probably the most excellent generalization in Nigerian culture: that no one but men can fix vehicles. “Turning into the main woman specialist in Nigeria isn’t a walk in the park – men have been doing this for ages. The men thought I was insane from the outset. I needed to work multiple times harder than the men to substantiate myself,” she told CNN in 2020. Enlivened by her insight, Aguebor established the Lady Mechanic Initiative, which shows ladies how to fix vehicles, gain abilities, and become monetarily autonomous. She has prepared more than 1,000 weak ladies in five Nigerian states.

  1. Adenike Oyetunde

An inability promoter and Senior Special Assistant to Lagos’ state lead representative on Persons Living with Disabilities. Adenike Oyetunde is an inability advocate, legal counselor, media character, creator, online media powerhouse, and holistic mentor. After losing her right leg to bone disease at 20 years old, Oyetunde’s life changed completely. But she decided to challenge the obstructions life in Nigeria tossed at her. She got a regulation degree, and she proceeded to grow an influential radio profession and began the Amputee United Initiative, a mission that promotes the freedoms of people with incapacities. She additionally chips in with the Irene Foundation, a charitable association that works with kids who have had removals and furnishes them with prosthetic appendages.


  1. Kafayat Sanni

The primary female military pilot in the Nigerian Airforce. At 22 years of age in 2019, Kafayat Sanni became the first female military pilot of the Nigerian Air Force. She is additionally the leading lady to go through everyday battle preparing at the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) to be winged for a right-wing contender airplane.


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