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There is no ignoring the fact that the digital era has here. It doesn’t matter your age, and you’ve got access to the latest gadgets designed to keep you informed, amuse you, and make your life a little more comfortable.

It is not easy to raise children in a world where technology is expanding rapidly, and this is something we as parents are not used to.

Here are some suggestions for raising disciplined and digitally-savvy children:

1- Make a List of Rules:

Although being a parent isn’t always easy. Everyone wants their child to respect. You must be consistent in your teaching efforts. Your children must know the difference between what is right and wrong and make sure to correct them when they go astray.

There are more harmful elements on the internet than there are on television.

If a 10-year-old needs the internet for homework, they should be supervised and not given a phone with social network access.

2- Dont Allow too Much Screen Time Alone:

It’s important to engage with your children while they’re using computers and other electronic devices to develop social relationships, bonding, and learning.

Take part in what they’re doing, not just watch them on the internet. This way, you can understand and participate in what they’re doing. Engage in a game of video games with your children. It’s an excellent way for parents to demonstrate online etiquette to their children at the same time. T

3- Maintain Friendships with Your Children:

Children can learn how to be kind and pleasant and demonstrate excellent manners online by watching their parent’s kindness, friendliness, and good manners.

Substitute reading for screen time and learning skills such as coding, athletics, music, and dancing, as well as other beneficial hobbies.

Safeguard your children by discussing principles and morality with them.

4- Establish technology-free Time:

Family meals, other family events, and kids’ bedrooms should be completely free from electronic devices. Turn off any televisions that aren’t being used, as this can prevent you from spending quality time with your children face-to-face.

Keep your child’s electronic gadgets charged in a location other than his or her bedroom so that he or she is less likely to be tempted to use them while they are supposed to be sleeping.

5- Become a Role Model:

Before you get too severe with your children’s usage of technology, take a closer look at your own behaviors.

Stop using your phone or watching TV all the time, and do the same for your harmful habits. They’ll realize they don’t need to spend as much time on their devices once they see you unplugged from online gaming and social media.

Set Limit Before its too Late:

Being a parent, you should tell your kids what is right and wrong. The age limit and the time limit for any kind of activity should also be set.

It is necessary to train our children on how to use technology in an appropriate manner. Each stage of a child’s development should be supported by his or her parents. The family’s responsibility is to set habits and standards and keep an eye on what is being shared online.

Listen to your kids and try to understand what they are going through. Make sure your kids have a safe place where they can tell you about anything.





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