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Big News for Science Enthusiasts in Nigeria

Nigeria has always been keen on making sure that they are up to date when it comes to Science. The current President has always been a keen supporter of developments. It was the federal government that came forward with a plan to upgrade the communication system in this very year. The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy disclosed the information while visiting the Nigerian Communications Satellite in Abuja. With the approval of President Muhammadu Buhari, the Minister mentioned that the management of NIGCOMSAT will now work on the motion to finalize all details.


Information on the launch of 2nd Satellite

By Now, the federal government has issued a massive budget of N2.5 billion for the project. This budget has already been relayed to the Minister of Finance, who is expected to add it to the budget of 2022. It is quite sure that the purchase of the second communications satellite will be taking place soon.

The launch of a second satellite codenamed NigeriaSat-2 is very important to be launched as the existing Sat1R only has a life span of 15 years. The expiration date on the 1st Satellite is within the next 4 years. With the second Satellite being a need of the country in key sectors such as security, agriculture, and transportation, it is important that the government launches the Satellite within the year with the aim of boosting the nation’s Satellite.

The future of Nigeria in the field of Science

Any and all matters within Nigeria related to Science and tech are handled by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. The organization works with the aim of the Development and deployment of technology and Science. The Ministry works under a Minister and a permanent Secretary, both appointed by the President.

Nigeria has a well set plan with many different parastatals that are working on much different research. Each of these government-owned agencies works effectively for the advancement through technology in many different areas. The future of Nigeria in terms of Science and technology is bright as the government and the Ministry works closely to ensure advancement for any and all sectors of the Ministry.

What are the activities of the Ministry?

There are a total of 8 different areas of activities that the Ministry overseas. These activities are:

  1. Economic Development through Space, Science, and Technology.
  2. Health Sector Development through medicine and technology
  3. Advancement in technology infrastructure.
  4. Using the manufacturing sectors or the industrial sectors for the creation of wealth.
  5. Sustainable energy research in alternative energies.
  6. Increase in livestock and agriculture activities through Science and technology.
  7. Research and Development in regards to Nigerian Economy
  8. Monitoring, reviewing, and creating National Policy on technology and Science.

Each of these areas of activity allows the Ministry to work and focus on a specific part of the country. They make sure that they are able to provide equal attention to sectors such as agriculture, livestock, and the economy.

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