Why Should Nigerian Students Choose Coventry University?

Coventry University was the most popular university choice for Nigerian students in 2019–20, according to IDP Connect. In addition, the university boasts one of the largest Nigerian alumni communities in the UK, giving Nigerian students additional networking opportunities after graduation. Three “An evening with Coventry University” events are being held by the university so that you […]

Efforts To Stop Brain Drain In The Health Sector

The current situation clearly depicts the crucial need to fund the health sector to get a proper hold on the brain drain in the country. The NARD (The National Association of Resident Doctors) has presented to Femi Gbajabiamila (Speaker of the House Representatives) a long list of vital demands to halt the brain drain in the health […]

Simple Ways To Grow Your Nigerian Business In 2022

Nigeria is growing at an amazing place and transforming gradually into an enriching place ideal for people and businesses.  It is a location filled with beautiful natural attractions and is known for its landmarks and wildlife reserves. And if you are thinking of initiating a business in Nigeria, then it can be one of the most […]

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