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Food is the one love of so many people that would never let anyone down. Whether you are into spicy, tangy or sweet, you will always be able to find the perfect dish for your tastebuds. If you are ever travelling in Nigeria, you can be sure to find many amazing dishes. Food is amongst the thing that provides a better understanding of the land you are in. It helps you connect to the locals and also gives you the chance to experience new elements of society.

The must-try dishes in Nigeria

Nigerian food is full of taste and variety, which is why if you are ever thinking of trying Nigerian cuisine, you must definitely look for one of the dishes mentioned below.

  1. Moin Moin

Extremely popular this dish is a favourite at celebrations or special occasions where the family get together and eat. It has many different ingredients, with the main ingredients being grounded peppers and beans.

  1. Banga Soup

Salty and spicy flavoured Nigerian soup that is infused with flavour and seasoning. The Banga soup consists of palm fruit and either beef or even dried fish. The soup is consumed traditionally with sides of fufu and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

  1. Eba

Also known commonly as garri, it is a Nigeria favourite that is eaten with soups and stews. The staple consists of cassava flour and water. Moulded into a ball, it is amongst the sides that are popular with the many different types of soups.

  1. Tuwo Shinkafa

This dish is extremely popular in Nigeria and is eaten as everyday food due to its simplicity. The dish consists of balls made with rice, rice flour and water that are mashed together and given shape. In most cases, the balls are served with different soups and stews.

  1. Suya

The dish dates back to its origin with the Hausa people and is a dish that has pieces of beef or chicken that are marinated and skewered. The name suya refers to the dry spice that is used in the preparation of this dish. You can enjoy this dish. However, if you are allergic to peanuts, you may want to steer clear of suya.

  1. Ogbono Soup

A traditional soup that uses ogbono seeds and many other ingredients to create the perfect hot serving. This is often served with fufu and is perfect for anyone looking for a tender soup that is sided with the meat of your choice.

  1. Jollof rice

This is THE NATIONAL dish of Nigeria. It is a rice dish that is cooked on aromatic flavours and tomato gravy. The prepared rice can be served with any protein of choice.

  1. Nkwobi

This is more of a side dish that belongs to the Igbo tribe. The southeastern dish of Nigeria has meat cooked from a cow’s leg with a thick sauce. The spicy dish now uses chicken, goat and meat, but a fun fact in the past, it was made with squirrels or rabbits.

  1. Efo Riro

Consisting of either meat or fish, it is a soup that has vegetables like tomatoes and onion with pumpkin leaves. Its literal translation is vegetable soup and goes well with fufu as a sideline.

  1. Afang Soup

A soup that has its origins in southeastern parts of Nigeria, it has afang leaves along with different types of fish and meat. It is packed with protein and is the perfect meal for festivities. You will often find this food at Nigerian weddings or any celebration.

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